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The Reyn is a lifestyle brand designed between Holland and Africa and the products are produced in limited series in Senegal. Founded in 2019, it merges the diversity of the designer, her love for travels, authenticity, and (African) design, but most importantly always giving a nod at her heritage by utilizing traditional and artisanal techniques of producing the pieces.

The Reyn is a wordplay using parts of the designer's names and those of her grandmother and ultimately stands for “the reign”.  In other words: the domination of power or influence. Her grandmother’s style and grace, and her Cameroonian background are the core of the brand.


   Reina shield symbol___

Just like every princess has a tiara and every queen has her throne, our muses go into the world everyday and make magic happen.
Our emblem that represents these queens and THE REYN brand is the Reina shield, that stands for strength, authenticity and poise.

We design pieces that tell a tale of the women we love.  Our inspiration is the everyday woman who we want to accompany in the every day aspects of her life. We hope to take you on a journey with us to unleash your inner royal self and “reyn” wherever you shall take your personal journey and inspire those surrounding you.

DSC_0238 (1).jpeg


Our products are consciously made in Senegal by local artisans using traditional techniques and craftsmanship. Our focus is to be a Made In Africa brand and ultimately produce continentwide and partner with different creatives and craftsmen across the board.

For our leather goods we utilize genuine leather sourced from end-of-line stocks from the fashion industry.  Sustainability is an important key factor in the way we produce and therefor we choose to work with end-of-line stocks for our fabrics and materials, but we also ensure that we re-use all excess materials to make smaller accessories or other goods like our wallets. 
For our jewelry and accessories we recycle brass items that we source ensuring sustainability. Furthermore we create limited series and because everything is handmade, no piece is ever the same. 

We don't follow seasons nor do we put out constant collections. Our aim is to give you beautiful and timeless pieces that you can mix and match with what's in your wardrobe.

We want you to create magic everywhere you go while wearing our pieces and enhance the masterpiece that you already are.

theREYN - 35.jpg

With Love,


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